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1 •A W E S O M E• Secret to managing MULTIPLE pinterest accounts

Ok – so little secret, its actually not a secret, but more a little known trick, I discovered oh so recently and its

C H A N G ED       M Y      L I F E

For Reals!

By now, you know I adrore Google Chrome. Its just an amazing browser for entrepreneurs who juggle multiple tasks throughout the day.

So let me tell you a little about me, and my situation.

I work from home, I juggle multiple businesses and “Projects”
{last time I counted about 6 things I am working on at this stage – 3 of which are like full time jobs!}
I often waste countless minutes, resulting in too many lost hours, login in & out of my social accounts like Pinterest, instagram’s, facebook, Email, WordPress just to name a few.


Let me introduce you to Google Chromes “People”  This beauty, lets you have a different “browser” open for each each “User”, and easily swap between them all without logging in and out, and its as easy a click of a button.

take a peak at my current “Users” many of which are my Businesses//Projects.

You can see in this screenshot I am loggin in as ECT (Edible Cake Toppers) and when I click on the grey ECT up top, it opens up a dropdown menu to show you all the other users I have set up browsers for.

For example, you can see this blog “Aussie Boss Babes” {which is my latest project} you can also see
“Blacker & Borg” another business I started with my fabulous cousin. (that’s my fun business! Love it!)
Then a few other projects I’ve been working on either on my own or with friends.

Now, if I click on any of these names, it opens up a new browser, (not a new tab) and it then has all my bookmarks saved only to that account. So it would have my pinterest, my wordpress, my Gmail ect all signed in, as THAT user (for example Blacker & Borg – if I was to log in as that user)

It does not store the bookmarks from any other user – only the current user, so no more getting muddled up! Its amazing!! I LOVE IT.



I have a mac – so for me, I can see “People” in my top menu (along with file/edit/history/bookmarks ect)
or I can click the User that is in the top right (of my pic above “ECT”) and then you will see “manage people” as the last option.

Click People in the top menu > then Add Person.

This will pop open a screen, where you simply fill in the prompts to add your google user.

To add your logged in accounts ie. pinterest.
Simple visit the pinterest website – log in (once – initially – select for google to remember your password)
Then Bookmark the page (to your toolbar) & you’re done!

Repeat that for any websites relevant.

How easy!

This seriously did change my world, so I hope its help you too 🙂

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear what other google chrome tips you have


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