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8 · M U S T H A V E · Business Extensions for Google Chrome

Now I don’t know about you, but I love me a good chrome extension.
I’m guessing, if your reading this, you do too! 

Working from home has been a huge blessing in mine, and my families life.
It’s enabled me to be able to be flexible with my time, occupy my creative mind, be at home with my babies, and bounce off my Hubby’s schedule with very little issues.
I have been very lucky to be able to say I have successfully been working from my home office now for about 8 years, and I love it.
During that time, I have worked with many browsers, from Firefox, to Explorer, Safari ect.. but my fav, on all platforms is Google Chrome.

I have have multiple businesses, and I find it so easy to stay logged in to all my accounts (using google people) – YES even multiple Pinterest accounts – WITHOUT having to log in and out each time.… YUP! No logging in & out.

Being new to blogging, I’m going to keep this relatively short & sweet
aaannd straight to the point.

8 · M U S T  H A V E · Business Extensions for Google Chrome

1:  Ebay Extension  This is such a great way of receiving notifications anytime your on your computer, no need to keep logging in to eBay. Notifications pop up on your screen whenever something’s happening in your eBay account.
Notify’s you of Sales//Messages//Offers//Bids + all your buying needs too!

2: Paypal Ticker This beauty, keeps track of your paypal balance. I LOVE knowing how much I have in my account – but its time consuming logging in. As a Business, its very handy + motivating to see your money.

3: Grammerly This extension, is perfect for those who love the extra tips, and checks when writing emails ect. Grammerly will easily edit and fix any text.

4: Evernote webclipper I love evernote for managing my business AND my life! The web clipper app just makes it even MORE awesome than it was before! Easily save quotes, websites sections of text, pics ect that you stumbled on during the day, clip them to evernote, for later viewing!

5: Quick Adsense This is great, if you earn a lot via Adsense. This is a great way of keeping your earnings in sight without having to log in all the time – like PayPal. Perfect for just glancing at! Saves time – and distraction.

6: Todoist is used by over 6 million people, its safe to say its one of the MOST popular extensions for google chrome! View on all devices, great way to keep your to do list in check!

7: Toggl Helps you track your time. Time is MONEY, and don’t you want to keep on top of where your spending it? Are you spending a little tooo much time on social media during the day and wondering why you didn’t complete your TO DO LIST?  Toggl might just enlighten you!

8: Onetab  is a unique little extension designed to clear up your screen. If you are like me have have a Bazillion tabs open at one time – this can slow your PC’s performance. Onetab simply puts all your tabs into a list to clear your screen and increase performance. WINNING!

That’s it for my Top 8 extensions. There are thousands of options when it comes to Chrome extensions – and I LOVE learning about new tricks to help productivity in my day.

What are you fav Chrome extensions? Do you use Chrome? If not – what else do you use, and what little time saving tricks do you do with it?

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