A Better Alternative to BigCartel – for Business Mums

A friend of mine, has a very successful headband store.
She runs her store on Bigcommerce – just as I do, for one of my businesses.
We both agree, its a great place for an established online business, that generates good income, however for a new
start up business, with variable or little income flowing in, its a bit pricey.

My friend, has started a 2nd/side business, and wanted something lower cost that Bigcommerce so she opted for Bigcartel as she had seen so many other sellers, on IG, having stores on Bigcartel. It seemed like a good choice at the time.

Its not!
Let me tell you why…..

The domain… erg! I really have a little pet hate, when it comes to online stores, having a subdomain.
I know! Its a cheap easy way to start out. But please, if you want to be taken seriously and really take a leap and commit, do yourself a favour and buy a domain. You can forward your domain to your “Bigcartel” or other store, if you wish.. but I have better advise…



It’s FREE!!

It’s Gorgeous!

It’s Easy!

Unlimited products!

Flexible Layouts!

Soooo many features!

I could go on for hours, I really could.

After I showed my friend an example of her website in woo commerce, which I set up for her free, in just 1 hour, she was hooked. She was a little mad, I had not convinced her sooner, as tho big cartel was cheap, it was so limited.

Here are two options I recommend

You do have a few options here, though I just want to talk to you about MY suggestions, as its honestly the only ones I think are worth it, and again that’s to buy a Domain & Hosting pack. {approx. $3.50 per month! with Crazydomains}
You need to set up your domain, hosting and install wordpress – then install the woocommerce plugin.
Choose your theme, customise it all however you like {Ie. colours logos ect}
Add products, postage, terms ect…

PRO’S – You own your own Domain, and Hosting – the site is completely yours!
CON’S – You have to set it all up yourself, and use google/youtube for help.

2nd option is:

Have a mentor host the site for you.
You can choose your domain, and manage the site yourself, {ie. customise it, add logos, postage, info, products ect}
However you pay the mentor, to host it for you, and you get their help with absolutely everything along the way!

PRO’S –  You get to choose a private domain (ie. www.yoursite.com.au)
You can completely manage & control the store – with HELP from a mentor. Have your mentor set up everything for you, so all you do is handle products and sales or if you don’t even want to list products, your mentor can do this too!

CON’S- You wont legally own the hosting or domain. & someone else would always have access to your site until your decide to transfer it to your own hosting.

This is a service we offer here are at AussieBusinessBabes

Through general chit-chat amongst friends we have quickly learnt that sooo many women WANT an online business, however they rarely get past the first step – setting up the store! Its so overwhelming, and we get that!

Wouldn’t you LOVE to know your store is in great hands, and you have the love and support of a fellow business babe who’s been there, where you are, and KNOW’S the stress, KNOW’S the hurdles, and KNOW’S the solutions?

If this interest’s you, please check out our


This package includes:
→ A custom logo
→ A website domain (hosted by your mentor)
*you can opt to transfer to your own hosting at ANY time – no additional fee.
→ Email Address (as many as you need!)
→ Social Media Accounts (set up for you!)
→ Online Store with unlimited products (using woocommerce)
→ 2 months FREE business mentor support
Your mentor will host your site until you are comfortable with managing it on your own, They will help you set up your business, and your website, all your social media accounts, your emails, and teach you everything you WANT to know along the way – after 2 months you can add additional packages to pro-long your support if needed, or you can fly on your own, as we are confident we will have you Thriving in no time!

Would you like to find out more about our Mentor Program? Simply fill out the form below. We would love to help you on your journey to being a fabulous Business babe!

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