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6 Gorgeous Tips To Creating The Most Beautiful Instagram Feed EVER

Don’t you just envy those STUNNING Instagram accounts
where every post is just as devine as the previous post
and ever photo flows seamlessly throughout the feed.

Let me warn you – this post is a classic case of do as I say, not as I do… My feed, is somewhat NOT so glamourous.
This post is my collection of tips gathered from the wonderful world wide web.
A bunch of tips, I hope to oneday, follow. Til then my love’s, I shall share them for all the other envious

“not so IG savy” business babes out there – like me!

1. Decide on your style…
Do you love those Crisp white feeds? or perhaps Peachy Pastels are you sweet spot.
Whatever it might be, choose it, and stick to it! Which means every image you post has to be thought out in advance, and reflect that chosen style. Choose a filter than best produces images that fit that style, and use that EVERY time. 

2.  Don’t use Instagram filters – upgrade!
I have nothing against instragram filters, some of them are perfect for the feel you might be trying to create, however.. if you want your account to be next level, and really stand out, you need a few apps to create the perfect filter, to fit your chosen style.
Here is 2 simple apps I have come across that I adore:
VSCO {check out our board full of stunning filters created with VSCO}
VSCO is a filter app – that is amazing and being used by so many stunning instagram accounts – be sure to check this one out!
Preview allows you to look at how your images will look as a feed BEFORE you post them – swap em, move em ’til they make your feed flow perfectly! Nothing worse than thinking your image is perfect, posting it then realising “OMG what was I thinking!” … am I right?
3. Create a social media plan (ie. work in 9’s or 12’s)
Simplify your life, by creating a plan of action. This of course is optional, I have nothing against posting randomly, however there is less chance of it flowing than one that is strategically thought out.
For example – check out this great feed  It flows. every 2nd pic has writing, and its so eye catching! They have clearly, thought out this feed well in advance.

4. Choose a personality
Personality needs to be shows, not just through your words, but your style. A fun personality, with cheeky jokes and captions should reflect a fun account – perhaps Bright, colourful… rather than grunge for example. Think about your account as a whole, when it comes to personality, make sure you reflect everything above. (Style, filters, your feed)

Quotes are key to a great instagram account. They are the essence to your personality. They show who you are, what your passionate about, what you feel, and they make others feel. Quotes can make you laugh, smile, feel low, feel motivated…. so remember – what’s your personality? What quotes reflect that? Would a depressing quote fit in with your fun vibrant account? Probably not.
6. Captions
Think about your captions. What do you want your audience to feel after they read your caption? More importantly who are your audience?
If your account is followed by serious personality’s, they may not understand Sarcasm, which is often found in accounts I adore like Zoë Foster Blake {I absolutely adore this women!!!} Her humour is hilarious – tho if you are not minded in that way, you would have no idea what she’s on about. I remember hearing about a snow pic she posted on instagram and captioned it about being in the snowy mountains in Fiji {Clearly kidding!} however not everyone realised this was a joke. And thats a perfect example of knowing your audience. Imagine if Zo, posted a morbid depressing post… I think we would all fall off our chairs as it would be so out of place for this account that is so full of love and life, shits and giggles!

So there you have it, that is my 6 tips for making your instagram account flow.

I’m obsessed with this topic,
I have huge instagram dreams of creating a beautiful instagram feed
which is why I should mention… do as I say, not as I do {giggles}
I am still on my journey to the perfect instagram account.

What tips do you have for creating a beautiful feed?

I’d love to learn more


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